Friday, 11 January 2013

Firstly let me assure that no one is perfect in this world and every one in this world commit mistakes and same for the author that not every author can take out the mistakes from the scratch or errors. So as a author you have to make an argument into a coherent argument and try to maintain with in the good formal of an essay. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are the very important keys to remember while writing an essay and thus this is called good writing skills. For example if the author have to write at the standard of school so in this way the author will not write as the standard of college. The author will try to write in the school level form. You will have to avoid equivocalness words, as you have to write in simple words.

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Most of the time the author get frustrate to think consistence on the same topic, so you have to plan first that what you will do in this period of time. All is this that once you invest all your hard work to your writing and then in the future you will get the reward. Headers and footers are very essential in order to give the good presentation.