Thursday, 8 November 2012

PHD students like every other pre-graduate students, have to submit a pre-dissertation report for inspection by the University for Approval or Rejection; this project or report is called the PHD Dissertation Proposal. If lucky enough, the proposal is accepted and the student is honored with the duty to write a multi-paged thesis of around 45 pages (the university specifies the page limit) in connection with the proposal that he/she submitted. It is, when positively approached, an obligation that enables the student to learn to endure workload pressure, focus on specific matter-related-search activity, decide on better methods to find accurate matter, attain clarity to prove self-work, and the last but not the least, to manage work with other responsibilities. All in all, it is more like a lesson to teach the students to better handle the outside professional world. As it may seem from my words, there’s no magic wand needed to constitute a feasible dissertation, let alone a dissertation proposal for PHD.
There is however a certain logical technique that I would like to highlight, to be of help to students who plan to write a qualitative proposal that serves it purpose i.e. to attract acceptance by the university!
      Be sure about your chosen area of interest: There is no stopping once you decide and start to write the best possible proposal in your life. To write means to start making mistakes; which consecutively means that you are learning; obviously deriving to the fact that you are improving! Getting into the habit of writing and reading it by yourself to make corrections, later, will eventually prove beneficial for you.
      How and what to write? : Okay, that is a good question indeed! What to write, is something that you and you only know, because that totally depends upon what area of precise interest you have chosen to write your basics on. And you can judge by yourself on the question, how to write. This can be achieved by confronting your seniors, let it be teachers and lecturers, or maybe students who have passed the stage of performing the act of writing a proposal. That will give a clear and better idea of what and how to write proper PHD dissertation proposal.
      Visualize your future accordingly: When starting the writing process, there must be a specific mind set that you would have, and after getting through with the written activity, that mind set would surely change! Talk to yourself for a moment and ask, whether it is the perfect proposal that my teachers would expect from me? If the answer id yes, then your life has become pretty much easy until now. If it is the other way round, then it is time to consult your supervisors or other sources to brighten up your work into a polished piece. The proposal is the proving ground for your upcoming dissertation, mind it!
      What to enclose in the proposal? : As a student you should not be worrying too much on this part but that does not certainly mean that your zero concern would not harm you. Consulting your supervisor on this issue would help you devise the specific words that need inclusion in this document, rather than being saved for the full dissertation. Words highlighted in this document would capacitate you to assure the university that your selected area of interest has a convincing nature and is capable of being illustrative and descriptive. This way the university would effectively allow you to continue your further quest. Pinpoint your selected methods and specific resources that you may have to explore for your future research work.


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