Thursday, 8 November 2012

A guide to writing a dissertation project

To plan for writing a dissertation project it is important to consider the approach that you are going to take with the topic that you have chosen. Whichever approach is taken you should make sure that the topic is focused on the problem and the research is organized.
After deciding the approach, one should come up with a project. A good project is no more different is designing a good product. One should consider the quality, quantity, design, and should look at the product’s value generated from other’s perception as well. The important things to consider while writing a dissertation project are:
An introduction to the area of study proposed.
Defining the research objectives of the project. Are you using a hypothesis that is needed to be answered?
Giving the details about the objective of the research project.
Listing down the methods, and defining why have you chosen the following methods.
Consider the limitations and the scope of the study, are all the areas being covered in your research?
Create a time table.
Give chapter headings.
List down all the resources of the research.
Compile the resources.
Dissertation’s project writing can be a tough job. Many of the students all over the world do not know the proper way to write a dissertation project. Most of the times, the topic chosen by the students is perfect to conduct research on, but students fail to give a proper project for the dissertation. Due to which a good research topic is not able to be selected. The students therefore should be aware of the basic guidelines and necessary contents to write a good dissertation project. There are many ways through which students can get help while writing a dissertation project. Students can use the internet, advisor’s help, books available in the library, and also can seek help from the professionals while writing and planning a dissertation.

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